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Sophisticated design and creativity throughout the process is more important to us than speed only

Product development is our passion. Due to the complex cooperation between the product and pharmaceuticals, patient and practitioner, the solution is often not simple, but this makes it even more exciting. With our ten-year expertise in development work in this sector, we are aware of the bottlenecks and know how to deal with the requirements. Using this expertise, we develop concepts, evaluate them according to specific criteria, and thus derive recommendations for action according to your needs. This methodological and systematic approach from the design stage onwards has proven to be successful in the product development process of medical-technical products.

We offer you access to our inventive designs and solutions, including the manufacturing of functional prototypes:

  • Our design products are rated in the Risk Categories 1, 2a or 2b
  • We develop mechanic and electronic medical products as well as software components
  • Focus: purely mechanic, but also mechatronic, dosing solutions

Our customers appreciate the creativity and flexibility of our employees. We frankly admit not to have addressed an issue yet if this is the case, but we are committed to focussing on new matters. All new knowledge is linked to our expertise and views. Our active support of your project business is our primary goal.

Our development services at a glance*:



We are convinced that the combination of technical competence and systematic methods, is crucial for the success of the whole product development process. This applies specifically to the requirements for medical technology with regards to risk minimization, high precision requirements, cost reduction or huge quantities.

Selection and design of the methods depend on the task. Our projects include:

  • QFD – Quality Function Deployment
  • Function structures
  • Creativity methods, such as

    • 6-3-5
    • TRIZ / Work with solution catalogs
    • Parameter variation
    • Morphology

  • Assessment methods (e.g. pair comparison and Pugh-matrix)
  • FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Component release with checklists

We always keep an eye on the trends to permanently improve and complete our methods.

Product Definition and Requirement Analysis

Product Definition and Requirement Analysis

Each product complies with a specific objective and must offer specific functionalities. And sooner or later each product will also end up in the disposal cycle. The identification of all requirements is for us the most important task. With a focus on the ꞌintended useꞌ we support you in the systematic requirement analysis from the development up to the disposal of the product.

The whole product life cycle is analyzed, the requirements are classified and the available appropriate methods are examined for the defined characteristics. Alongside with you, we are looking into the relevant market standards to comply with.

The requirements are resumed in a ꞌProduct Specificationꞌ.



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Products are generated by the invention of individuals or groups. The conception is thus a creative task – for us it is one of the most appealing development stages. invenio uses the freedom of conception based on numerous, versatile and inventive approaches. This creativity is then linked to a systemized development– any blockage of the mind must be eliminated in order to produce result-oriented concepts. Our innovation strength is demonstrated by our many proprietary rights registrations.

We consider your product as a whole and reduce its complexity at first. To this purpose, we first break down the main functions of a product into individual functions and for a good perspective, their interaction is presented in a diagram. If possible, we apply the material, signal and energy flows within the system thresholds and in collaboration with the future user.

Our teams are composed according to each task and their individual know-how, and all required specialist knowledge is available. Through the different creativity methods these ꞌTask Unitsꞌ provide the solutions for the individual functions. We are pragmatic and document the first functional principles in drawings with pencil and paper. A wide range of solutions is thoroughly examined, the different solution combinations are identified and evaluated in order to provide concrete overall concepts for your task.

Design calculations and eventually preliminary tests support us in the definition of the concept and to get a better understanding to achieve an optimal and delicate design. The electronic functions to be performed are also documented in the form of a system architecture, e.g. for the implementation of adjustment and control tasks.

The technical concepts are documented in the ꞌRequirement Specificationꞌ.

Design and Construction

Design and Construction

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Not only should products function well – these must also be manufacturable, and they must comply with the required standards. Key issues are functionality, cost reduction linked to the respective risk assessment (Design-to-Cost – DTC), manufacturability and quality, which are targeted and defined in the Design and Construction phase. This is performed prior to the further development, but also parallel to the individual work stages.

After your concept release, we draw a geometric design of the favorites with the aid of a 3-D CAD program. At this stage, our developers further convert the rough draft into detailed models. Mass, strength and stiffness of the structures are optimized and tested based on calculations and overlapping processes in FEM simulations, if necessary. Our employees select the mechanic, electric and electronic components which are integrated into a medical engineering solution. Based on our cross-industry experience in the field of industrialization, we focus on the manufacturing and assembly process, always with an eye on quality assurance.

Man and product must be in perfect harmony. We bring the pure function and harmonious design down to a single common denominator, in which Ergonomics and Usability play a central role. Our development scope is completed by our broad range of services and we offer you also FMEA, tolerance tests, or supplier coordination.

Electricity and Electronics

Electricity and Electronics

Electronics is specifically advanced in the field of medical technology because it integrates the complex display, control or monitoring functions. Within the framework of development, we do not only provide you with mechanical components, but also offer you the adequate electronic systems.

Our services at a glance:

  • Requirement Analysis and Definition of Functionalities
  • Feasibility studies and Conception of different HMI – Human Machine Interfaces
  • Circuit diagram and Layout Design
  • Implementation of e.g. micro-controllers, actuators, sensors, displays and operating elements
  • Manufacturing of functional prototypes
  • Testing of functionalities and performance, also through individual test stands