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The development of our medical technology products is focused on responsibility and benefit

The development of medical technology products requires knowledge, expertise and risk awareness. As defined in the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), compared to other industries, we prioritize safety aspects and the approval-related requirements during the different stages of the product development process. invenio has engaged in a number of important projects in the last ten years and has gained a comprehensive knowledge and understanding in this field. The corresponding processes are thus integrated into the daily project work. Our structured and methodical procedures support us in the achievement of the defined product characteristics and quality objectives. You know your market best. Together we will take a closer look and define the starting point so that we can understand your ideas in a global context for their further implementation into a specific project.

We are not a distributing company. We are your development partner. We find solutions for the medical and technical requirements based on our targeted creativity techniques. We focus on results. We provide engineering services from a first concept up to the series production out of one single source – across all system interfaces.

Our portfolio comprises:

We guarantee quality across the project through a permanent recording of processes and responsible risk management. Through our consistent and methodical approach, jointly with our customers we have attained reliable results in the recent years*:

  • Joint mechanisms and pendant systems of a dental treatment unit
  • Integrated fluid system including special valves for the bactericidal cleaning of dental products
  • Thermal sterilization equipment
  • Mechatronic systems for the dosing of pharmaceutical products
  • Complete high-precision mechanical system for the administration and dosing of pharmaceutical products
  • Suction system for dental and clinical use

*We hope that you understand that we respect our customers and thus are only able to provide our examples in an abstract form.