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We relieve you through our comprehensive, supporting development services

Next to our core competences such as product development and testing, we also provide support with extra services. In our ambition to deliver Service Excellence, we are striving to recognize your needs and wishes and provide you with the adequate solutions. Our objective is to relieve you as much as possible during the entire development process. This is what makes the difference between a simple supplier and a fully qualified development partner.

This document provides only a short selection of the preferred services. Do not hesitate to request any other support you might need – we will provide you with an in-depth assessment of our potential

Our services at a glance*:

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

We support you with the development supporting documentation including modification and version management. According to our cooperation, we draw up and elaborate the following documents:

  • Product Specifications, Requirement Specification
  • Process Flow Diagrams, Functional Structures
  • Risk Analysis, FMEA sheets
  • Technical Reports (e.g. Test Reports, Root-Cause Analysis)
  • Technical Drawings and Parts Lists
  • Design History File (DHF)
  • Device Master Record (DMR)

We use synergies for the parallel elaboration of documentation next to the development. This way our development stages are adequately logged and documented promptly at the completion of the design stage.

Statistical Tolerance Analysis

Statistical Tolerance Analysis

The product functioning must be faultless – especially in the medical-technical market segment. Yet, as assembly, products are composed of different production parts and are thus subject to natural process fluctuations. Based on the statistic tolerance analysis for critical closing dimensions and dimensional chain, we guarantee that the available assembly is assigned to the tolerance range required for its function.

If the required tolerance range does not meet the required process capacity, we apply constructive measures for tolerance optimization. To this effect, we reduce any available tolerance chain or adapt the components more specifically to the applied production processes.

Of course, also the tolerance range and process capacity are two sides of the same coin. We aim to construe the precision required for the functionality as roughly as possible by, e.g., a construction which is not sensitive to tolerances – in order to maintain an acceptable cost level.



As a measure for cost reduction and legal protection. we consider that a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is indispensable. If the FMEA is performed in due time by professionals, any development and manufacturing risks can be detected at an early stage, and be prevented still at reasonable cost.

As moderators for the FMEA Meetings we offer you experienced and specifically trained developers. We take care of the preparatory work for the FMEA sessions, and elaborate the documentation of the same after the meetings, the entry of the data into your Software system (Apis iQ-FMEA or PLATO SCIO-FMEA) at your site, and we monitor the agreed measures in order to support your project manager.

Innovations Workshops

Innovations Workshops

In the daily project routine there is sometimes a lack of innovative ideas or impulses. Within the framework of the multi-faceted development projects, we almost daily work on innovations and creativity techniques, in order to elaborate modern designs. You can use our strength at a common innovation workshop at your site or on our premises – for a partner cooperation.

Our services at a glance:

  • Preparation and planning of appropriate methods
  • Moderation at workshops
  • Optional participation of the invenio staff

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